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Please keep in mind that these sighting cases were neither confirmed or witnessed by me. They are simply a
unique collection of some of the many sighting cases that can be found on the net and at many other sites.
Some sightings may appear to be obvious fakes, while others.....well, you decide.

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1) Orange In Color - Authur: Mike
2) I am a true believer now. - Authur: Vicki
3) Classic Disks - Authur: Gordon
4) Flying Disk - Authur: Frank
5) Police Chase UFO - Authur: Ohio Police Department
6) Police Chase UFO Continued - When Barney Neff saw the object
7) Police Chase UFO Continued - Frank Panzella, a Conway, PA police officer
8) Police Chase UFO Continued - Spaur

1) Sacramento CA around 10.00 p.m. July 24th 1999: A friend of mine and I were going to dinner when we noticed what at first appeared to be a plane flying high in the sky. It caught my attention at first because it didn't look like an ordinary plane. It was disc shaped and orange in color. It flew from a southerly direction and a bunch of people gathered to observe it. The strange thing about it was that it dropped what appeared to be sparks from underneath. It was visible for a few moments then disappeared. ...... Mike - Sacramento California


2) I recently moved from California back to Ohio. In California I experienced 4 UFO sightings: a long, black/grey cigar shaped vehicle going incredibly fast and leaving no exhaust trails at all, 2 huge slow moving lights in the night sky which stood still and then disappeared right before our eyes, and a very, very large bright object hovering in the middle of a canyon where we could also see helicopters (military?) moving around the canyon and the vehicle. I am a true believer now. I feel the U.S. government knows exactly what is going on and it is a matter of time before they (are forced?) to admit all, before the visitors do. How fascinating, hope I am around to experience that one! ...... Vicki - California


3) Tuesday May 3rd, 1983 between 8 and 9 a.m. I watched a light of four, approximately 20 ft. classic disks in close Line-astern formation (over Medina River Ranch near Pipe Creek, Texas) do this in slow, low level flight (no more than 2 to 300 feet up, maximum 50 mph). My impression was a search pattern. They came toward me 'tacking' back and forth, each one turning 90 degrees at the exact same point in the sky, as if buncing off the rails of a pool table.

Then, did a complete (almost) 180 in the same manner, and zipped out of sight, at a time (straight away), with blinding though not instant, continually increasing acceleration (2 to 3 seconds to dwindle to dots and disappear in the distance). ...... Gordon - Texas


4) Growing up in New York I spent my summers in a Catholic summer camp in New Jersey. One summer, 1965, we were playing ball just about dusk, when a cigar-shaped craft came in out of the east at a high rate of speed and stopped to hover over the ball diamond. Everyone stopped of course and looked at the thing. It was maybe forty feet across and silver. It glowed like a reflection. It made no sound. Within seconds it slowly moved from over the diamond towards the woods and went down. We all ran, including the Brothers, into the woods. Several kids said they saw a brilliant light shoot towards the sky, but I didn't see that. We all converged on a spot in the woods where we saw a circular burn pattern. The Brothers made us go to the cabins. The next we were told to forget the whole thing. I saw this, but to this day don't believe it was an alien craft of any kind. Probably a military experiment. Still, I can't forget it. ...... Frank - New York


5) At about 5.00 a.m. on April 17th, 1966, Portage County, Ohio deputies Dale Spaur and Wilbur "Barney" Neff stopped on Route 224 near Ravenna to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned car. The car was full of what seemed to be radio equipment and had an insignia on the door consisting of a triangle with a lightening bolt inside it and the words Seven Steps to Hell written above the triangle. (Note: "Seven Steps to Hell" is also the "motto" of the 7th Army. However, their insignia is an "A" with stepped sides.) As they checked the car, Spaur noticed something rising out of the woods behind them.

I always look behind me so no one can come up behind me...and when I looked in this wooded area behind us, I saw this thing....... as it came over the trees. I looked at Barney and he was still watching the car. He didn't say nothing and the thing kept getting brighter and the area started to get light.

The object was about fifty feet in diameter, with a bright well defined light beam shining down from the bottom. ......


6) When Barney Neff saw the object:

He just stood there with his mouth open for a minute as bright as it was, and he looked down. And I started looking down and I looked at my hands and my clothes weren't burning or anything, when it stopped right over on top of us. The only thing, the only sound in the whole area was a a transformer being loaded or an overloaded transformer when it changes........

They broke for their patrol car. Once safely inside, Spaur radioed a quick report. A Sergeant Schoenfelt told them to follow the object. They chased the object at speeds of up to 100 mph as it headed east, constantly reporting their position on the radio to allow other officers to follow the chase. As the object moved to the east, Officer H. Wayne Huston of East Palestine, Ohio joined in the chase. He had been listening to the radio reports, and when he saw the object pass overhead with Spaur and Neff close behind, he took off in pursuit.

The chase continued across the state line into Pennsylvania, and as Spaur's vehicle got low on gas, he pulled over to enlist the aid of a Conway. Pennsylvania officer. When Spaur stopped, so did the object. They phoned the Air Force from Conway and minutes later over the radio they heard that jet fighters were being scrambled to intercept the object. The object had other plans, however, and it suddenly shot straight up and vanished.


7) Frank Panzella, a Conway, PA police officer said:

The object was the shape of half a football, was very bright and about 25 to 35 feet in diameter........ The object continued to go upward until it got as small as a ballpoint pen, relative to the moon, the object was quite distant and to the left of the moon. We all four watched the object shoot straight up and disappear.

Police Chief Gerald Buchert of Mantua photographed the object from in front of his home. The Air Force told him not to release the photo, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the photo showed an object that was like two saucers put together with a light upper saucer upside down over a dark lower saucer. ......


8) Spaur: Somebody had control over it. It wasn't just an object floating around. It can manoeuvre ... The Air Force concluded that the officers had seen a satellite at first, and then had chased the planet Venus for forty-odd miles. A detailed report on the incident was assembled by NICAP, and this report was turned over to the Condon Committee, who did not mention it at all in their final report.

Because so many civilians were monitoring their radio broadcasts after the incident, the sheriff's office decided to give the UFO the code name Floyd. In June, 1966, Spaur saw Floyd again briefly. He just looked up, and it was there. He radioed in that Floyd's here with me!. Then he refused to look for several minutes. When he looked back, Floyd was gone.

The men who were involved in this incident suffered for it. They were hounded by the media and ridiculed by others. Buchert and Neff stopped talking about the incident to anyone. Panzenella received so many phone calls about the incident that he finally had his phone disconnected. Huston quit the police department and moved to Seattle, Washington, where he became a bus driver, changing his preferred name from Wayne to Harold. Spaur's life was ruined. He was hounded even worse than the others. He began to have personal problems that culminated in his arrest for the assault and battery of his wife. HE turned in his badge and made a meagre living as a painter. His wife divorced him.

Spaur: If I could change all that I have done in my life, I'd change just one thing. And that would be the night we chased that damn thing. That saucer. ...... Deputies Dale Spaur and Wilbur "Barney" Neff - Portage County, Ohio

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